interview w/@CALVINSTAALVIG by: @1152COVER

@1152cover: you didn’t always live and work in brooklyn, where do you come from?

@calvinstaalvig: i was born and raised in northern wisconsin, blocks away from lake superior. i spent much of my 20’s in south minneapolis. when i was 29 i left home for hollywood to work for name redacted. after 4 months i packed my saabaru (sic) and drove to new york where i lived with 2 japanese roommates in bushwick for $600 a month. i currently live on the edge of ny harbor in red hook with 6 other people - one of whom i’m married to - 4/7 of us come from minnesota.

@1552: you grew up in a restaurant and consider yourself a veteran server on sabbatical. when will you return to the trade?

@cs: serving is my lifeboat, my golden ticket. you know uno®, right?

@1152: the card game?

@cs: exactly. it’s my wild +4 card.

@1152: you worked at blue hill ny when you first arrived in the city. what did you take away from that experience?

@cs: the servants have always known the secrets.