As a little boy I remember driving across our town to my grandparents’ home on a dark winter night where there was always the heart-warming smell of soup in the air. Over twenty years later there are moments when I can taste those memories; somewhere in the mix of celery, potatoes, bay leaf, canned tomatoes and ground beef, is my grandfather in his chair dozing off while watching the 6 o’clock news, and my grandmother buzzing between the kitchen and my TV tray with bread and butter, a glass of milk, a spoon and soup, before sitting down to fold laundry.

 Nice and simple, on Sunday I will prepare a pot of soup, bake some bread and open a bottle of wine for anyone who would like to join me in making the dark and cold seasons warm and bright. Sunday Soup is an open invitation for you to join me in my home for good ol’ fashioned Sunday soups like my Gramma Rita makes. Bring a friend, a poem, thoughts that have been inspiring you, feelings about the state of the world, and take time to gather with others. 

See you Sunday.